Millennium Project

oil painting of the old U of M campus

In 2017 the University of Michigan will celebrate its bicentennial, 200 years of service to the citizens of Michigan, the nation, and the world. The websites below are being developed to document the intellectual and academic history of the University:

UM 1817-2017: A web portal to a vast array of historical information about the University of Michigan, including summaries of the histories of its academic programs, visual material concerning its campus and activities, links to hundreds of historical documents, and databases providing both biographical information and memoirs of its faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

The Faculty History Project: A database providing information about the faculty members who have been associated with the University of Michigan since 1837, organized by their schools and colleges.

The Faculty Memoir Project: A database containing both the memoirs of senior faculty members concerning the intellectual life and impact of the University.

The Staff Memories and Memoirs Project: (Under Development) A database containing both the memoirs and memories of many of the Univesity's staff members.

The Alumni Memories Project: (Under Development) A database containing the reflections and stories of alumni concerning the impact that their student days at the University have had on their lives.

The University of Michigan Campus Project: A visual tour of the history of the University of Michigan Campus as it has evolved over the past two centuries.

The Ann Arbor Historic Maps Project: Interactive maps of the City of Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan over the past two centuries.

Recent Publications

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Vannevar Bush Award
Washington, DC
X Glion Colloquium
Montreux, Switzerland
Tilting at Windmills
UM Millennium Project
CASL Innovation Hub
Asheville, NC
For the Love of Michigan
UM Millennium Project
The Third Century
UM Millennium Project
The Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project
University of Michigan
Time Summit on Higher Education: Framing Paper
New York
Yale Education Essay
Yale Classbook
Yale Technology Essay
Yale Classbook
Research Universities and America’s Future
Glion Colloqium, Switzerland
Technology-Enabled Education
Glion Colloqium, Switzerland
Role of Liberal Arts in Research Universities
University of Michigan
Review of the U Texas Report on Gas Shale Fracking
Fifty Years of Battle in the Nuclear Energy Wars
UM Osborn Lecture
Public Research Universities and the Future of America
University of Vermont
Universities and the Future of American
AGB Magazine
National Academies Study on Research Universities
Washington, DC
Reinventing the Research University
Rice University
The Future of the University
The New School
Tilting Against Windmills in College Sports
U California Berkeley
Engineering Design:
A Renaissance

J. Mechanical Design
Global Sustainability:
Magnitudes, Timescales, and Black Swans

Glion, Switzerland
Nuclear Power and You:
A Television Series Explaining the Risk and the Promise of Nuclear Power

Ann Arbor, MI
A Master Plan for Higher Education in the Midwest
Chicago, IL
A Primer on University Planning
Chapel Hill, NC
The Future of the American Research University
Campaign-Urbana, IL

Available now

available now


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Engineering History iBook cover
Engineering History
On The Move iBook cover
On The Move
The Third Century iBook cover
The Third Century
The Third Century iBook cover
World Universities
Inglis Highlands iBook
Inglis Highlands
The President's House iBook
The President's house

Books & Reports

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ReseaRch UniveRsities
and the FUtURe oF ameRica View From The Helm book cover
A Master Plan for Higher Education in the Midwest book cover View From The Helm book cover
University Research for Innovation book cover The Globalization of Higher Education book cover
The Third Century book cover The Making of The University of Michigan book cover
Engineering for a Changing World book cover The Michigan Roadmap Redux: A Call for Leadership book cover
The University Michigan: A Photographic Saga book cover The View From The Helm book cover
Universities and Business: Partnering for the Knowledge Society book cover The University of Michigan: A Seasonal Portrait book cover
Higher Education in the Digital Age book cover Beyond the Crossroads book cover
Intercollegiate Atheletics and the American University book cover A University for the 21st Century book cover
Positioning the University of Michigan for the New Millennium book cover Reinventing the Research University book cover
Engineering for a Changing World book cover On The Move book cover
The Michigan Mandate: A Strategic Linking of Academic Excellence and Social Diversity book cover The Michigan Mandate: A Seven Year Progress Report book cover