Millennium Project


Archived Documents
Special Presentations
Legacy Documents

Archived Documents

2006-2007 Milproj Report
New Roles for the 21st-Century University
Issues in Science and Technology Online
Winter 1999
The Future of the University in the Digital Age
American Philosophical Society
Nov 1999
The 21st Century University: A Tale of Two Futures
NACUBO Financial Executives Symposium
Feb 1998
The Challenges and Opportunities of the Digital Age
Snowmass Seminars
Aug 1997
Possible NSB Study of Graduate Education
National Science Board, NSF
Aug 1997
Contrasts: Postsecondary Ed. in Michigan & Ontario
Toronto Ontario
April 1997
The Future of the University in an Era of Change
Georgia Institute of Technology
Mar 1997
Preparing for a Future of Change
Eastern Michigan University
Apr, 1997
Beyond the Endless Frontier
Columbia University
Sept 1996
The American University in the Digital Age
Sloan Foundation, NYC
Oct 1996

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Special Presentations

American University Promo
Strategy Document

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Legacy Documents

Intercollegiate Athletics
Intellectual Transformation
The Cost/Value of a College Education
Agenda for Women (v5.0)
Michigan Agenda for Women

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