Millennium Project

The Millennium Project:

The Millennium Project is a research center at the University of Michigan concerned with the impact of technology on our society, our communities, our institutions, and our planets. Over the years, its various projects have been aligned with the various activities of its director, James J. Duderstadt, President Emeritus and University Professor of Science and Engineering. It has also supported the activities of other faculty members including Daniel E. Atkins, staff members including Daniel Fessahazion and John Merlin Williams, the historical materials concerning the history of the University of Michigan developed by Anne M. Duderstadt, and scores of undergraduate and graduate students working on various projects in support of the primary mission of the Millennium Project. During this period it has received strong support from the University of Michigan Offices of the Provost and the Vice-President for Research, grants from the National Science Foundation, grants from various foundations including the Atlantic Foundation and the Kansas City Community Foundation, and the National Academies and National Research Council.

The Duderstadt Center:

The James and Anne Duderstadt Center is a major complex providing students and faculty with the resources necessary to invent the future. It contains the libraries for the North Campus programs, the Computer Aided Engineering Network, the Millennium Project, and the Digital Media Commons, a collection of state-of-the-art facilities for collaboration, creativity, and performance.



HathiTrust: All major publications of the Duderstadts can be found in open-access downloadable (pdf) format on the HathiTrust by entering the names James Duderstadt or Anne Duderstadt in the search query.

Deep Blue Repository: All speeches, reports, documents, and other publications of James Duderstadt can found found by entering the name James Duderstadt in the Deep Blue query.

Bentley Library: All presidential papers from the presidency of James Duderstadt can be found on the database of the Bentley Library.

Photographic Collection: A photographic collection of the years of the Duderstadts at Michigan can be found at.