A University for the 21st Century

James J. Duderstadt

The challenges facing higher education and the future of the American university as we enter a new century.

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Some Reviews

"This is a remarkably comprehensive and thoughtful review of the issues facing higher education. It is visionary in its conception of the university of the twenty-first century."
--Nils Hasselmo, President, Association of American Universities

"In a candid and refreshing critique of the contemporary university, James Duderstadt concludes that--for all its success--it is ill-adapted to the rapidly changing world of the twenty-first century. Duderstadt argues persuasively that the university must develop new paradigms and embrace new partnerships if it is to survive the sea changes provided by new information technology, new societal needs, new financial constraints, and new market forces. This useful and provocative book explores exactly the critical issues that the university mustconfront."
--Frank H. T. Rhodes, President Emeritus, Cornell University

"Jim Duderstadt has written a thoughtful book that will help academic leaders keep pace with changing times. It will be widely read and quoted; and it will make a difference."
--Stanley O. Ikenberry, President, American Council on Education

"A comprehensive, balanced, thoughtful analysis of the past, present, and future of American research universities from a distinguished practitioner of the art of university presidential leadership."
--Jack Peltason, President Emeritus, University of California

"In the interconnected, global society of the knowledge age, James Duderstadt shows that universities will need to undergo a transformation even greater than in the industrial age when the modern university emerged. This book provides an all-encompassing and imaginative blueprint to guide us into the new millennium."
--David K. Scott, Chancellor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


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